Live Your Dream Awards


We give two annual Live Your Dream Awards to women who are head of household and enrolled in school while working to support their families. The cash awards of $3,000 for first place and $2,000 for second place may be spent in any way the winner chooses and are intended to recognize the women’s strength and determination. Winners are chosen from among the applicants by judges from the local community.

This award is a signature program of Soroptimist International of the Americas. Each year our first place winner is also be submitted to the South Central Region to be considered for a Region award. Region winners are submitted to Soroptimist International of the Americas to be considered for a Federation award.

Fill in each writeable field completely, and be sure to sign your name at the bottom. Each section has tips to help you best complete the application.


You will need two different people (NOT related to you) to fill out the reference form. Please email this form to your references and request that they email it back to you when complete. Only two references will be accepted. Please use the form and do not submit reference letters.


NOTE: Be sure to save the documents to your computer or a USB/thumb drive. Otherwise, you risk losing any information you have entered and will need to begin again. After downloading the application (before you begin entering your information), select “Save As” from the “File” menu and change the file name (for example, “LYDappLG.pdf,” where “LG” are your initials.) Then click “Save.” 


These documents must be submitted together in order for your application to be considered eligible.


Email your completed application and two completed reference forms to:

Melanie Simpson, Chair




2014_Womens_Opportunity_Application.pdf1.02 MB
2014_Womens_Opportunity_ReferenceForm.pdf139.64 KB